Zoie Palmer Appreciation Page
This is a fanpage for Zoie Palmer, a British-Canadian actress best known for her roles as: Dr. Lauren Lewis (Lost Girl), Carly Greig (The Guard) and Patsy Sewer (Instant Star), as well as multiple film roles. This page is run by fans who have no affiliation with Zoie herself.
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No but let’s think about this for a second. Lauren Lewis was building fucking bombs, unfortunately one of those bombs killed 11 people, but she was already okay with building bombs before that. That was just accidental and she feels like shit for it every single day of her life because she feels like nobody ever forgave her for that. She agreed to go to Afghanistan too, be it as a trained soldier or just in the medical team, that shit was dangerous as fuck. She obviously seemed shy and scared with the fae, but really what other choice did she have? Until now, they have always had all the power over her. That doesn’t mean Shy and Scared are her actual personalities. LAUREN LEWIS IS PROBABLY A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON THAT DOESN’T TAKE ANYONE’S SHIT but she had to for survival. Only snippets of her personality came out in s4, but she’s completely unknown and will fuck anyone’s shit up that she doesn’t like. I think the only thing holding Lauren back from basically turning every fae human and making them suffer, is Bo. She really loves Bo.. and that was unexpected, but nonetheless her one weakness. 
Hair porn…



He tried to start a new hair porn … guess it was infected …. with syphilis or so …. Okay Paul, now watch and learn.


The “natural beauty” - hair porn.


The “after-hours”-hair-porn.


The “you-can-beat-me-but-not-the-hair-porn”.


And this is the “perfect girl meets perfect hair” porn.

Now try it again!!!


 Not exactly what I had in mind… 


Bo : hmm Lauren’s lips… 
Lauren : hmm Bo’s lips…

i don’t know why, but i found Lauren’s frowning face extremely hot… i meant seriously… *facepalms*

"Two words, Trick. Mechanical bull." - Lauren Lewis

Zoie is adorable :)
Found this on my Instagram feed
You know that I think that you’re smart, and funny, beautiful.