I really like this scene. I think that Hale must be the closest thing to a friend that Lauren had (while she worked for the ash), before Bo came into her life.

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30 Days Of Lost Girl -Day 09

Favorite main character: Dr. Lauren Lewis

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This happened shut up. 

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there will come a time, you’ll see
with no more tears

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I know it was a tough episode..this one.. But can we take a minute to talk about the fact that Bo was going to kill this bastard.. I mean this guy - a human -because he was going to kill Lauren?

Did you see the fear in Bo’s eyes? The thought of losing Lauren hit her, hurt her so much. She was on the edge of her protective behavior. Willingly okay to kill someone - a human - just because he tried to kill Lauren.

She didn’t went with her succubus, no. She took a baseball bat and went full contact. With her hands and arms. With her physical strength.

Dyson had to stop her, physically. And then, Bo knelt down as fast as possible to look after Lauren.

Tears in her eyes and whispered “It’s’s okay.. Are you okay?”

I can’t even.. this scene.. my heart still hurts… But it was so important to see Bo protect Lauren like this. To see how much important Lauren is for her. That she’s her everything…her always..

#Donttouchme #Cryingariver

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Alright let me guide you through Dr. Lauren Lewis.

Bo is always flirting with Lauren, and all these moments happened at a time where they were not together but they both longed for one another. But just look at Lauren… Bo is always trying to get Lauren back, somehow. Even a little flirting would be enough for Bo, but Lauren would never take advantage of a situation. I don’t think Lauren feels like it’s right for her to flirt with Bo unless they are actually together, or saying anything that might mean something else. Not even playing. She never gets Bo’s little remarks because she’s not expecting that. She doesn’t see Bo like a piece of meat to have whenever she wants. She actually values a relationship so much more than anybody on this show and I think she sees what she has with Bo so seriously and cherishes it so much, that she sees it as either they are together or they are not. 

Like fucking Lauren Lewis respects Bo and respects what they have in such a way that there’s no middle ground for her love, and she’ll always respect the fact that they are not together. UGH. 

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favorite doccubus screencaps - season IV


favorite doccubus screencaps - season IV

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Lost Girl

Song: Fever Ray - Memory Comes

Pairing: Doccubus

Vidder: AcidBurn76

Vidder Notes:

Season 1 + 2

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Remember that time Lauren Lewis stabbed a man to save Bo. 

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